Discover Saint Brévin

Saint Brevin is a small seaside resort located in the department of Loire Atlantique, in the west of France, on the Jade coast. It is located on the Atlantic coast, near the mouth of the Blavet. The seaside resort has a population of about 2,000 inhabitants.
Saint-Brevin-les-Pins is surrounded by a pine forest and has many beaches over 8 kilometers with sand dunes.

The landscape, between wooded dunes, forests and the banks of the Loire, offers a setting conducive to relaxation and vacations.

History of Saint Brévin

The town was originally founded as Saint Brevin les Pins in 1885, but was renamed Saint Brevin in 1910 to avoid confusion with other towns called “Saint Brevin”. The name “Les Pins” comes from the pine trees that were planted along its roads when it was first founded.

Things to do in Saint Brevin les Pins

Take advantage of Saint Brévin and the many walks, hikes or bike rides along the seaside. The tourist resort is full of activities to do with the family:

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